The Olympics committee has recently brainstormed a bid for the Calgary Winter Olympics. They have decided to renovate/upgrade on some of the new locations and equipment used for Olympic sports, including receiving support from Whistler B.C. Since the dream budget is a little smaller than expected, Calgary is hoping to spend a little less than Vancouver did for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The Draft Plan Concept that was declared to the City Council mentioned that the whole project will cost around $5.23 billion; $616 million dollars just for security costs. Mary Moran, the chief executive officer for the 2026 bid corporation says that Calgary plans to use eight of the existing venues and create two new ones which a distinct concept that other countries are not taking. However, this idea may be good since Calgary has already hosted the Olympics; they are already experienced on how to use the venues and set up the event. Sponsors and organizers are planning to send around $2.3 billion in revenue and ticket sales, and the Olympic committee plans on sending $1.2 billion in cash and services. After all this, Calgary is still deciding how these new ideas will be incorporated into the Olympics.



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