Harry Potter, the leading protagonist of the ‘Harry Potter’ series was a hopeful child. His notable heroism was comparable to Percy Jackson’s, the head protagonist of the ‘Percy Jackson’ series. Despite their notable bravery, each character along with their renowned sidekicks have very differing personalities. Each of Harry’s companions had an important role to play.  Whether they affected the story in little or big ways, each character had significance to Harry in one way or another.

(Note: Spoilers will be present in the following comparison.)

While Harry and Percy each shared equally important roles within their separate franchises, the stories’ side characters were essential elements, in the general success of the books. Luna Lovegood, a humble and eccentric character helped Harry more mentally than physically. After Dobby’s death, it was obvious Harry’s emotions were controlling him. Keeping this in mind, Luna’s calm demeanor was greatly appreciated as Harry surpassed this difficult period. Similarly, Nico Di Angelo from Percy Jackson was like Luna in the respect that they were both considered odd and out-of-place. Nico embodied the character of an old colleague for Percy as Luna did for Harry. On the more logical side of things, Hermione Granger, a studious and forthcoming student was always the balance between the practical and impractical. Alike Hermione, Annabeth Chase from ‘Percy Jackson’ resembled Hermione in many ways. Their genuine desire to reach the top was the most predominant similarity along with their abiding devotion. As Sofia Vargas Vanegas, a grade 7 WIC student explains, “While Annabeth and Percy’s fate was painfully obvious at times, Ron and Hermione’s relationship took many obstacles along the path, until their fourth year when [their fate] became obvious for them too.” Ronald Weasley was a caring and supportive Gryffindor that never missed the opportunity to brag about a triumphant Quidditch game. Growing up in a very extensive family, he was constantly overshadowed by his older siblings making him jealous at times. Comparable to Ron’s unique habits and personality is Grover Underwood’s. His lack of confidence and striking love for food clearly resembles Ron. The qualities, both these characters have, may sound unbeneficial, but as each individual progresses in the story, these characters prove to be a fundamental part in the ultimate victory.

Lastly, Harry was a brave and courageous child where the sky was the limit in anything he did. His admirable personality resembled Percy’s merely because they both gave 100% in everything they did. Their ridiculously heroic spirit creates an intriguing dynamic between the two characters. Ultimately, the two series are too profound and intricate in their own ways, to compare effectively.