On October 10th, 2018 hurricane Michael made landfall around Mexico Beach which is about 20 miles away from Panama City, Florida.

The storm came ashore as a category 4 hurricane with 155mph winds, and was the biggest storm on record to hit Florida. It was the strongest storm to hit the U.S since 1969 and was the third strongest hurricane ever, just behind hurricane Camille which hit in 1969 and the 1935 Labor Day hurricane.

“If you don’t follow officials’ warnings, this storm could kill you,” said Scott. Michael caused major damage, torrential rain falls, and flash flooding. Officials say that Hurricane Michael killed at least 35 people. After hitting Florida, hurricane Michael went through Georgia. The hurricane destroyed farmers crops and killed many farm animals.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture announced that the estimates for the crops losses is between $2.3 and $2.8 billion dollars. After hitting Florida and Georgia, hurricane Michael went through the Carolinas and Virgina. Everyone is still cleaning up from this massive destruction storm.