Admission Procedures

COVID-19 Update

We are still accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Applications and contracts are all completed online and interviews and testing will be conducted online via Zoom.

While the College is closed for in-person tours and for in-person testing, we are now doing VIRTUAL tours and testing . Book a virtual tour and we will see you online!

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Check out our YouTube Channel for a glimpse of school life by clicking here.

Send questions via the inquiry page below or send an email to We are available to answer questions Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.,
give us a call at  403-444-0023.

Applications are now open for the 2020-21 school year.

Offering post-secondary preparatory training for Grades 7-12 students, WIC is dedicated to excellence in academics, English and French communication skills, experiential learning opportunities and the arts. In addition, this Junior and Senior High School is committed to the development of each of our students, leadership, social responsibility and a sense of Canadian identity within a global context. 

International students MUST be residing in Canada with a parent. A typical example is an adult that has relocated to Canada for work and the children have accompanied them. We do not offer boarding or a homestay program.

Student Profile

Successful candidates will present a positive profile based on two criteria:

1. Academic Preparedness

All Students applying to West Island College should be academically outstanding in their current school environment, as reflected on current report cards. The WIC program is rigorous and fast-paced. Students should be looking for a challenging environment. WIC provides only minor accommodations during testing periods, otherwise, there are no provisions for course modification in the regular classroom environment.

Grade 7 applicants must successfully complete qualifying examinations. These examinations consist of standardized tests in English and Mathematics and a writing sample. Applicants are expected to achieve a minimum of grade-level performance in these areas of evaluation. In addition to completing the written tests, each candidate will be interviewed by one of the College’s representatives.

Admission for Grades 8 to 11 is contingent upon successfully completing the SSAT ( as well as having an in-depth interview conducted by a member of the faculty. Transcripts will need to be reviewed for Grade 11 students to ensure we can provide adequate course offerings to meet graduation requirements.

2. Strength of Character and Social Suitability

A confidential, personal reference will be needed to support each student’s application. This reference will be weighed with the interview and small group activity (for Grade 7 applicants) conducted at the College to determine the candidate’s suitability.

Character Skills Snapshot

This short online test is required for applicants in Grades 7-11. You can complete it on the SSAT website. Why do we want the Character Skills Snapshot? Report cards and academic assessments only give insight into one aspect of your child. We like to have additional information to help students transition to our school and to thrive here.

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Take a look through our Viewbook and get all of the information you need about our programming, student life and extra-curricular activities.

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Please feel free to call us in the admissions office  at 403.444.0023 or send us an inquiry via the button below and choose Inquiry.

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Due to the ongoing social restrictions resulting from COVID-19, we are currently not conducting campus tours. We are, however, doing virtual tours.

We will host an online session where we walk you through our programs and offerings, giving you a glimpse of the campus.  Although it is difficult to  show you the College in action, this is a great way to see if there is a fit with the program you are looking at for your child. Tours are offered at various times throughout the week. Choose Book a Tour to see the available times.

Attention French Immersion Families: We are now offering tours with our French Immersion Specialist, Mme. Isabelle Caplan. These tours are offered on Monday and Thursday at 9:00 a.m. If you would like to receive a French Immersion tour, please select those time slots when you book your tour.

Can’t wait for the tour?  Catch a glimpse of the school on our Youtube channel by clicking here.

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How to Apply

Step 1:

Admissions Requirements

  • Complete the Application Form online by clicking the link below.  You will be able to start and come back to it to complete.

Prior to starting please gather:

  • A recent photograph of the student
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate, citizenship, or permanent residence card if applicable
  • A copy of the final report card of last school year and most recent report card (when available)
  • A copy of the student’s psycho-educational evaluation (if applicable)
  • The potential student will be required to fill out a profile form online. (No help mom or dad.)
  • You will be asked to send an email for a confidential teacher reference so please have a suitable teacher’s email address available.
  • $150 non-refundable application fee will be payable online or drop off a cheque/cash to the admissions office.

Step 2:

Testing and Interviews  

A testing and interview date will be confirmed with the student’s family contingent upon completion of Step 1.


Students Applying for Grade 7  (2020-21)

  • Group Testing for next year (2020-21) will start in November of 2019
  • Siblings/Legacy only applying for Grade 7: Saturday, November 2, 2019, 8:30-12:00
  • Non-Siblings applying for Grade 7: Saturday, November 16, 2019, 8:30-12:00
  • All Students applying for Grade 7 after the group test dates will be by appointment

Are you writing the SSAT in another country or at another school? We will accept those tests results as an alternative to the Grade 7 group testing. Visit for more details. Our school code is 8103.

Students Applying for Grades 8 to 11 (2020-21)


Individual Assessment
Applicants to Grades 8-11 are required to submit a score from the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test). West Island College and other area schools offer the SSAT throughout the school year.

Please visit  for local testing dates and locations.

WIC will be hosting on December 14, 2019,  January 4, 2020,  February 8, 2020, and March 7, 2020.

SSAT scores must be sent to the Enrollment Office directly through SSAT. Our SSAT code is 8103.

Character Skills Snapshot

This short online test is required for applicants in Grades 7-11. You can complete it on the SSAT website and it is included in your SSAT testing fees.  Why do we want the Character Skills Snapshot? Report cards and academic assessments only give insight into one aspect of your child. We like to have additional information to help students transition to our school and to thrive here.

If you are unable to take the SSAT, please contact the Enrollment Office ( to discuss.

Step 3:  Early Decisions/Offers for Grade 7 will start in approximately 2nd-3rd week of  December 2019.
Grades 8-11 beginning in February 2020.

Contract Offers

  • Parents of students who have qualified (please refer to Step 3) will be contacted by the Admissions Office.
  • When an offer of contract is accepted by the family, a meeting will be scheduled for contract signing to secure a position for the candidate.
  • A position will only be secured when a contract is signed and the following fees (please refer to “Tuition and Fee” section below) have been submitted at contract signing meeting:
Family Membership (one per family):$3,500 non-refundable
Tuition 1st payment$6,000 non-refundable (post dated to May 15)
Capital Improvement Fee (one per family):$3,500 non-refundable (post-dated to October 1)

West Island College receives more applications for most grade levels than availability allows us to accept based on maximum class sizes. Qualified applicants for whom there are no positions available will be placed in a wait pool.

Tuition and Fees

2020/2021 Alberta Residents (subject to change for 2021-22)

These fees are to be paid using one of the schedules of payment listed below. A surcharge is levied for each of the extended payment plans.

Schedule 1Schedule 2Schedule 3
Upon Contract SigningFamily Membership Fees
May 15, 2020$6,000 (Non-refundable)
August 31, 2020$12,560
Upon contract SigningFamily Membership Fees
May 15, 2020$6,000
August 31, 2020$6,380
February 1, 2021$6,380
Upon Contract SigningFamily Membership Fee
May 15, 2020$6,000
August 31, 2020 to May 2021$1,440 X 9 Months

International Students

International students residing in Canada with their parents are not eligible for the Alberta Subsidy for Resident Students. Consequently, these students must assume the total cost of education for each year they attend the school.

Note: We do not offer boarding or a homestay program, Students must be living with their own parents.

Schedule of Payment
Upon Registration$12,000
September 1$12,560

West Island College has partnered with Plastiq, a service which enables you to pay your tuition online by credit card. For more information contact our accounting department (403-255-5300). Please use the button below to proceed to Plastiq.


Additional Fees

1. Family Membership

A Family Membership Fee of $3,500 is payable once only and is non-refundable. It is paid at the time of registration of the first family member and extends thereafter to all siblings who qualify for the College’s program.

An individual membership of $2,000 is also available when only one child attends the College and enters at the Senior School level. If a sibling subsequently registers at the College, a second payment of $1,500 would be required; this would complete a Family Membership.

2. Capital Improvement Fee

A Capital Improvement Fee of $3,500 is payable once only. As an Independent School, West Island College does not receive government grant money for capital improvements. Each family is charged a one-time-fee to ensure funds are available to be applied toward the continuous improvement of the facility. It is paid at the time of registration of the first family member of West Island College and extends thereafter to all siblings who qualify for the College’s program.

3.Instructional, Support Resources and Technology Fees

These fees are included in the Tuition fees for 2019-20. Instructional resource fees will cover book purchases, lab fees, field trips and student activity fees (SAF) including clubs and co-curriculars. Support Resource fees are to offset the costs associated with activities outside of the classroom, including locks and locker maintenance, the cost of printing various handbooks and calendars etc. A portion of fees are allocated to technology to provide a range of equipment including mobile devices to the students. (Additional $100 for Grade 9 Celebration and $300 for Grade 12 Commencement.)

4. School Supplies and Optional Activities Fees

School supplies are the responsibility of the student, as many courses require specific materials; however, art and laboratory (computer and science) supplies are purchased through the school and are covered in the Instructional and Support Resources Fees. Until teachers have provided specific supply lists, a binder with loose leaf paper will suffice. Optional Activities Fees are collected for items such as sports team merchandise, etc.

West Island College has partnered with Plastiq, a service which enables you to pay your tuition online by credit card. For more information, contact our accounting department (403-255-5300). Please use the button below to proceed to Plastiq.




Monday to Thursday: 8:10 a.m. – 3:20 p.m. Buses leave @ 3:35 p.m.

Friday: 9 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Buses leave @ 2:45 p.m.

Grade 7 is the entry level at West Island College. The other intake year is Grade 10. As we experience unpredictable fluctuations in enrolment throughout the school year, we encourage applications to other grade levels.
West Island College values its relationship with our community. For applicants who currently have siblings attending WIC and/or if parents are alumni, priority status is given to their applications provided applicants qualify academically and socially.
At WIC, we believe that a uniform encourages students to recognize each other for who they are and not for who they appear to be. While wearing the WIC uniform inside or outside of school, our students are school ambassadors and it is expected that students wear their uniform with pride and care.

  • School uniform supplier is Top Marks. All components of the uniform must be purchased from Top Marks with the exception of socks, tights and belts.
  • Top Marks is an online store (
  • A representative of Tops Marks will be at WIC once per month after school hours between September – December and May – June.

WIC’s Formal Uniform is to be worn at all times, unless otherwise stated on the WIC Academic Calendar. All students must wear their blazers for formal assemblies and special events.

  • The carrier is ADM Transport
  • Registration form available in middle of  April to WIC families and Newly Registered families for next school year
  • Registration form must be completed and returned to the Admissions Office no later than the deadline specified on the letter accompanying the Registration form
  • The cost for full-time/both way busing service is $2,300/student for 2018/2019 school year
  • For more information, please contact admissions, at 403.444.0023

Click the links below to view an overview of the Busing Routes to and from West Island College.

Central Afternoon Bus Route

Central Morning Bus Route

West Afternoon Bus Route

West Morning Bus Route

North West Afternoon Bus Route

North West Morning Bus Route


  • Hot meals are available at our “Café des Loups”.
  • Individual food items/beverages are also available.
  • Monthly lunch cards may be purchased at the front office of the Davies Building for $50.
  • Students may bring their own lunch.
  • Microwaves, toasters and hot water are available for students in the lunchroom area.
  • Snacks are also available for purchase from the cafeteria before school, after morning assembly and during afternoon break.